The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures is an interdisciplinary, student-led organization committed to developing socially and environmentally conscious leaders and doers. We prepare our students to drive systemic, impactful change through market-driven forces and enterprise. We provide resources and opportunities to leverage and combine the individual strengths of Vanderbilt University graduate students, faculty, and business partners.


A Message to our TFC Community – Updates on COVID-19

As with Vanderbilt University, the TFC holds the health and safety of our community at highest priority in the ongoing struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the particular difficulties facing our region with the pandemic, the Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and student body have come together to achieve a vaccination rate of greater than 94%, permitting in-person classes and events. Per Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 protocols, the TFC plans to host in-person events moving forward. We will continue to follow Vanderbilt protocols and best public health practices.

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The Turner Family Center for Social Ventures builds on the success of the Owen Graduate School of Management’s Project Pyramid, serving as a platform for ALL 8 Vanderbilt graduate schools so that students can develop business-related skills to engage with social impact through their own disciplines.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I didn’t have to decide between social benefit and profitable scale, but could merge the two in the form of a social venture.”

Sarajane McMahon, JD/MBA '16


Hear from students, faculty, staff, and partner organizations about their personal experiences with the TFC, and how they are actively utilizing enterprise to alleviate poverty.