Standing up and working to make changes in systemic racism takes more than a singular person or organization. At the TFC, we are working to be a part of that change but know that it is not something we can accomplish alone. These are additional resources and opportunities for students. Our hope is that all students who want to engage in dismantling racism can find an opportunity either though the TFC or another organization where their unique skills set can be valuable.

As we have conversations and delve into the root of these issues, we hope to continue to be a Center that welcomes. A place where one can find a sense of reprieve. A place of open conversations and innovative solutions.

We recognize that the present battle on racism is more than a moment in history – it is a movement, and one that we will continue stand beside, listening, learning, and growing. If you have ideas, would like to chat, or would like to find other ways that you can join us in becoming better allies, please reach out, or schedule some time to sit with our Director, Mario Avila or Assistant Director, Kathleen Hritz. 

In addition to joining in our programming here are some steps you can take with us:

  1. Educate yourself and others:
    1. Vanderbilt’s Center for Inclusive Excellence Racism and Injustice Resources
    2. Turner Family Center Reading List
  2. Support local Nashville Black-owned businesses and social ventures:
    1. Black Owned Nashville
    2. Urbaanite: The Black-Owned Businesses in Nashville To Know
    3. Black Owned Businesses to Support