The TFC is proud to announce a new partnership with WeFunder

Watch this video to learn more about our partnership with WeFunder, which aims to enable students to:

1. Gain valuable investing experience

2. Develop skills to develop and pitch ideas

3. Learning about impact investing and startups

You can think of WeFunder like “Kickstarter for investing.” WeFunder allows individuals to invest in companies with a social mission. Unlike Kickstarter, you are not buying a product or donating to an artist. Instead, you are investing in a business with the hope of earning a return. Working alongside WeFunder, students will have the chance to learn in an experiential program to learn more about impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

Want to learn more about impact investing actually is? Curious about experiences that will allow you to build skills along the way? Check out more on our Impact Investing page!

What is Impact Investing?

If you’re curious about starting your own social enterprise but don’t know where to begin, our student leaders have compiled a list of resources with more information. Learn more about ways to get started or get funded by checking out our resources page below.

Social Enterprise Resources