Letters from the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures: Updates on COVID-19



TFC Community,

Given Vanderbilt’s decisions and circumstances that we find ourselves in, we are working together with our TFC community to ensure that students continue to receive the support they need.

Despite the disruptions to their education and our sense of community, our students remain dedicated to seeking impact in the same ways, asking the same big questions about their paths and their contributions. They are committed to being change agents and leaders for good.

Community – you’ll be hearing from us soon with a request for opportunities for students – to create and open doors for their careers  – from full-time roles to internships to summer projects.

Students – you’ll be hearing from us in the upcoming days about resources and support we are seeking to gather as you consider your summer and career pathways.

There is great need and great opportunity across our communities to channel our leadership in these uncertain times. Please reach out to me – to us – at any time as we navigate these days ahead. We are thankful to have such a strong network to endure these changes together.

Mario Avila
Founding Director,
Turner Family Center for Social Ventures



Dear TFC Friends and Family,

As many of you know, the Vanderbilt community has returned from our Spring Break into a world of uncertainty.

On March 4th, tornadoes devastated Nashville and the Middle Tennessee Region, leaving many mourning loved ones. In classic Nashville fashion, volunteers were on the ground within hours removing debris, handing out supplies, serving food, and helping neighbors in any way they could. There is still a lot of work to be done, and we are mobilizing to support our community.

Just one week later, classes were cancelled after several members of our Vanderbilt community tested positive for COVID-19. From March 16th through the end of the Spring ’20 semester, courses will be delivered virtually. This news has sent ripples of uncertainty throughout our community as students, staff, faculty, and administration grapple with how to make the best out of confusing and evolving information.

It is in these times when we need each other the most. Amidst the uncertainty of compounding recent events, the Vanderbilt community and network continues to illustrate its talent, passion, and unrelenting spirit to keep going.

At the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures, we are actively reaching out to our network of students and friends to check in and remind each other that we are a community. We thrive on having deep and meaningful conversations about how we can contribute to humanity, locally and globally, and how we can act. We are strongest when we work together, and I know a lot of us want to get to work.

Please connect with us and with each other. The TFC will be circulating more information around additional support and resources in the coming days.


Cali Livingstone (Board Chair 2019/2020)                 Hannah Turnbull(Board Chair 2020/2021)




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