Social Entrepreneurship and Ed-Tech: What you need to know before getting involved

Original Author: Michael Baker

I’m passionate about education technology, and ensuring that it has impactful implementation in the developing process and developing world.  Many people are turning to education technology as a work-around for social impact and change, but it is important to involve key stakeholders along the way.  Given that, I wanted to write this post about my experiences and provide some recommendations for those getting involved in ed-tech.

I come from a background as a teacher and former robotics coach, where I got to see first-hand the demand for STEM instruction and the use that technology plays in classrooms.  In robotics, I saw a lot of students try to join the club solely to learn coding–there was that much of a demand.  I started to think about ways to engage these students and train them–a lot of which involved online videos, tutorials, and programs that could facilitate their learning outside of school and the robotics program.

Through a teacher-exchange experience in Singapore, I got to see high-tech classrooms and online capabilities.  Their administrators touted these as a critical reason for their continued success on international tests.  However, they additionally stressed the importance of correct tech management and policies.  This gave me ideas of ways engage students in and outside of the classroom, and the tools that ed-tech can provide… (To read more, visit Michael Baker’s blog here.)



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