Our students are interdisciplinary graduate students here at Vanderbilt – seeking Masters or PhDs in Business Administration, Economics, Education Policy, Public Health, and more. They are united at the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures by their shared pursuit of social impact – and specifically to question and solve the complexities of how business can drive social change.

Earlier this semester, some of these graduate students worked on strategic consulting projects with local social enterprises to conduct research and provide meaningful recommendations for key business areas for each organization. One student shared:

“It was encouraging to work on a project that brought real value to a client that may not have gained these insights otherwise. I also learned so much more about the Nashville community and the coffee industry in the process.” 

We hope to continue facilitating such learning experiences for students. In a time like now, we know that as students and leaders, they have their work cut out for them – as do you – so please help us connect them with ways to meaningfully contribute and learn with you in the months ahead. Some ways to help with engagement might include: 

  • Group-based community projects
  • Summer internships 
  • Full-time employment post-graduation

If your company is hiring for summer internships or full-time roles, or you have ideas for potential projects and ways for students to engage, please fill out our interest form below.


We look forward to hearing your ideas about how to connect and engage with our student community! 



Over the coming weeks, the TFC will be activating our network of like-minded individuals here in Nashville and across the US to identify opportunities to connect students who are still searching for career opportunities – summer and full-time – with meaningful work. 

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, companies and communities are facing challenges and opportunities, and it is our hope that we can pair your skillsets and passion with these organizations. If you have questions regarding potential projects, or have ideas of your own for projects within our community, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Students, if you are still seeking opportunities for this month or this summer, please fill out our interest form below.