Amna Aslam

M.Ed. ’19

I graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences, in Pakistan, with a major in Accounting & Finance. This program gave me insight into the many dimensions of a business and a head start into a corporate career. I worked for 3 years in Human Resources and Sales in a large dairy organization thereafter, which exposed me to the many opportunities corporations have in creating long-term impact for the communities they partner with, rather than just cater to ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ in a rudimentary sense. With the resources that the private sector has, I feel it imperative that it steps up in working in congruence with the community to find solutions to problems that are otherwise too complex. In trying to lead that change at a strategic level, I landed at Peabody College of Education and Human Development, which offered a specialized program that looks into resource optimization.
I have been engaged with the Turner Family Center even before I got here. I see it as an excellent platform to help me further improve my knowledge and skills to find the most innovative partnerships between the private and public sector, aimed at better serving society and improving equity and equality. My experiences with TFC’s many initiatives have played a key role in developing my leadership and insights further and preparing me for my long-term career. I am super excited about catalyzing my journey through my role as the Social Enterprise Consulting Chair for the next year and enable others to do the same.

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