Bhanu Nuthakki

What TFC Programming did you participate in? 

Hult, MIINT, Lunch & Learns 

Why would you encourage others to get involved with the TFC?  

TFC was a great way to get exposed to the numerous ways through which enterprises can systematically pursue goals beyond just the bottom line. The many activities and programs offered by TFC are a great foray into the world of social entrepreneurship that everyone could benefit from and apply to their careers regardless of the type or size of enterprise they join or create. TFC and the people I had the opportunity to interact with through TFC were some of the best things about attending Owen. 

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position 

TFC programming helped me learn and develop frameworks for evaluating the impact that an enterprise is having on the world. While my employer is not a “social enterprise”, I would have chosen my job differently if I didn’t think the work that we’re doing at Plaid can significantly improve the financial lives of millions of people. TFC played a large part in helping augment and nurture my interest in finding a fulfilling position through which I could positively impact the people around me and the world through my work. 


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