Caroline Martin

M.Ed. ’17 | International Education Policy and Management 

Originally from Chicago, I came to Vanderbilt for my undergraduate degree to study public policy with a focus on education policy. After college, I worked with Teach For America, teaching 7th grade English for two years, after which I helped found KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School as the founding 9th grade English teacher.  Through these experiences, I developed a strong passion for fighting against education inequality and working to empower and build the capacity of those marginalized by society or caught in the cycle of poverty through quality education. I am very thankful for the opportunity to get my masters in International Education at Vanderbilt and to learn about the policies and organizations that shape our education system here in the States and internationally.

I deeply believe in addressing issues of poverty and empowering communities through approaches that are sustainable, multidimensional and community-driven. All three of these characteristics of development are fundamental underlying principles of Project Pyramid and the Turner Family Center and I had the opportunity to see each come into play in powerful ways through the course this past year and through my project in Guatemala. I couldn’t be more excited to work to strengthen both our existing and new partnerships with incredible development organizations abroad and in the States by prioritizing these three characteristics. I look forward to working hard as Co-director of Projects to create influential and growing opportunities for Vanderbilt students to learn from and work alongside effective organizations to empower communities all over the world.


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