Devyn Riley

M.S. Nursing ’18 | Nurse Midwife

I graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR in 2010 with an anthropology degree. Working on a family planning project in rural Tanzania solidified my passion for midwifery and I spent the next years gaining experience in the women’s health field. My professional experience includes working as a Surrogate Coordinator for a gestational surrogacy center and substantial volunteer work in hospitals, doula programs, and at a refugee center teaching health literacy. I came to Vanderbilt to become a Certified Nurse Midwife and hope to use my degree to provide sexual education and health services to both domestic and international underserved communities.

I have found Project Pyramid to be immensely helpful in providing real-world experience to address some of the challenges in poverty alleviation. These tools and skills will continue to be helpful as I seek to improve access to quality healthcare both internationally and at home. As Director of Alumni Affairs, I am excited to connect past Project Pyramid cohorts with current students so that they may share broad expertise and knowledge.


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