Dia Chakraborty

Position: Analyst at Skoll Foundation, Portfolio, and Investments

Which TFC Programs did you participate in?

Hult case Competition; Treks; Project Pyramid; TFC Board Member

Why would encourage others to get involved with the TFC?

TFC gives you wide exposure into the world of social entrepreneurships and the power of collective vision and problem solving. I found it a melting pot of thoughtful and passionate individuals from across the world. I doubt any such platform exists within the Vanderbilt community where your experiences have so much real time value addition. I would encourage every single incoming student to engage with the center at some capacity.

P.S: I met my current employer through the TFC Annual Summit!

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position? 

When I joined Vanderbilt, TFC brought me to the world of Social Entrepreneurship and the power of using business to solve some of the worlds most pressing problems. 2 years later, I am working in a philanthropic organization that invests in social entrepreneurs who are driving real changes at the grassroots level. Different projects within TFC prepared me for the role of a generalist who can look at complex problems objectively and work towards a constructive solution.


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