Dia Chakraborty

M.Ed. ’18 | International Education & Policy Management

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Dehli in 2012 and started work as a Financial Analyst with Sunlife Insurance. Two years later, I realized that my true calling was working in the development sector and this is when I applied for the Teach For India fellowship. During my fellowship I observed, the bottlenecks stemming from the dismissive approach to policy formulation which disregarded key stakeholders in the realm of education. After teaching at a Government school for two years I understood that my true passion lies in tackling development challenges in education and I decided to dedicate my career towards the same. This resolve landed me at Vanderbilt, pursuing a degree in International Education Policy and Management so that I could fully comprehend the formulation and implementation of policy matters at the ground level.

The Turner Family Center, through its various activities (treks, coffee chats, and pitches) around campus played an integral role during my first year and being part of the programming heralds an exciting year two!


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