Eileen Remley

Position: Merchant at Walmart

Which TFC Programs did you participate in? 

Programming Board Chair, Hult Prize, Project Pyramid, Social Enterprise Consulting, Nashville Trek, Summer Fellowship

How did these experiences shape your career path?

The TFC helped me solidify my interests in cross disciplinary studies, enabling me to pursue a career path outside of education. I loved working at the intersection of health, education, and business and realized how important it is to apply skills across those disciplines to problem solving. Realized I had a stronger interest in business, I chose to pursue a next step that would strengthen those skills.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned from the TFC?

The importance of interdisciplinary practice in complex problem solving. The TFC always brought together diverse individuals in background, acumen, and future goals. It was always such a good lesson to work together and shape new ideas with different people.

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position? 

The TFC leadership experience and navigation of diverse opinions really enabled me to help lead a team. With its fast paced environment and every changing needs I really learned how to adapt quickly and run lean. I also felt empowered to really tackle new skills and have found thats really aided me in taking on complex projects.


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