Esther Yoon

Esther is part of the Class of 2021 at Vanderbilt University studying Human Organizational Development and Asian Studies with a minor in Engineering Management. She takes great pride in beginning her life’s journey in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona, to which she also calls home, though currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Upon entering college, Esther, like many other incoming students, struggled to find her true interests and passions, but after hearing about the existence of a market-driven enterprise fueled by thoughts of social impact, Esther’s own social impact passions and curiosity were piqued. It wasn’t long until she found herself quickly immersed with the center as just a first-year. She became the Undergraduate Associate at the TFC aiding Megan with various works ranging from creative projects including video creation to operations assistance such as CRM management. On top of her involvement with the TFC, Esther boasts a wide range of activities as well some of which include the Vanderbilt Student Government, Women in Biztech, Circle K, and Chi Omega. Through these assortments of activities, she grew a passion for serving others’ needs as well as making real change in the world. The TFC has been a large part of her maturation during this growth helping her channel her ambitions through the lens of social impact. Her story and testimony stand as a success story for the work of the TFC and their mission.


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