Khaliungoo (Hailey) Ganbat

M.A. ’17 | Graduate Program in Economic Development

I am a Fulbright Scholar from Mongolia, pursuing a Master’s degree in Economic Development. I have experience working with diverse communities in remote locations across Mongolia, Australia and West Virginia, USA on poverty and community development issues, especially in mineral extractive industry. I hold a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from KDU College, Malaysia. As my home country is facing a mining boom, I hope to find the most appropriate sustainable economic development models for mining communities in Mongolia. I am specifically looking into the role of social entrepreneurship and technology in sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

While working with mining communities, I realized that Mongolia is not doing a very good job of adequately managing the mining revenues so that the socio-economic development and livelihood of local communities can be sustained even after the mines close. I believe that social entrepreneurship is key to supporting the realization of that long-term, sustainable future for these communities and am eager to learn more about it through engaging with TFC. As a new Programming Board member, I also hope to contribute in building a strong foundation for the TFC that will allow the Center to realize its mission and vision.


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