Hana Bacaj

Graduating in my undergrad in Economics & Statistics, I became more familiar with using quantitative approaches for solving economic problems in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, it helped me better understand the imperative role that economy plays in the sustainable development of a country or a community. I became extensively interested in education and employment of women and young people as core determinants to community development. Moreover, working at UBO Consulting as a JuniorResearch Analyst where I did social research and analyses for donor organizations and various firms, I was able to work with real-world issues.

My experience and extensive knowledge in economic analysis for policy and recommendation made me further my career in the field of development economics; thus, currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Economic Development at the Graduate Program of Economic Development(GPED) at Vanderbilt University. Nevertheless, I feel that refining my skills in economics is not enough. Thus, learningabout Turner Family Center which mainly focuses on poverty alleviation made me realize that what I need are additional professional skills which are usually used in social ventures and include finding solutions to persisting societal problems through market-driven forces. I want to learn to identify business opportunities similarly as former Vanderbilt University GPED alumni, Muhammad Yunus did with Grameen Bank.

I feel honored that I am the board member for Case Competition this year and that I was giventhe opportunity to help TFC to continue its incredible work.


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