Harry Smith

I am an MBA student at the Owen Graduate School of Management concentrating in Human & Organizational Performance and Strategy. I grew up in Cary, NC, and after graduating from the University of South Carolina with degrees in Finance and Management, spent three years in finance roles in the banking and automotive financing industries. I came back to school to pursue my MBA to transition into a career in human resources to combine my quantitative analytical background with a passion for empowering others to reach their potential.


That passion for empowering others was sparked by the Shelton Leadership Challenge, a youth leadership development camp through NC State University that was founded by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Hugh Shelton. I spent two summers in high school as a student at Shelton, followed by four more as a mentor, and more recently have helped as a mentor at the National Leadership Academy based out of Denver, CO. My experience in youth leadership development continuously shows me the value of providing individuals with the foundational tools to succeed while empowering them to build on that success.


The Turner Family Center’s mission centered on empowerment by using market-driven forces to alleviate poverty resonated with me immediately after arriving at Owen, as well as the opportunity to tackle complex problems with absolutely incredible students from across Vanderbilt’s graduate schools. This past year, I was able to help deliver TFC programming as a part of the Academics and Experiences committee and spent a week in Mexico City partnering with social impact startups through Project Pyramid. I will be Co-Chairing Academics and Experiences this year with my good friend Daniel Cortez as we roll out the Social Impact Certificate.


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