Hina Sherwani

M.A. GPED ’19

I am a second year student pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics at the Graduate Program of Economic Development.  From a young age, I have been troubled by the socio-economic problems that prevail in our world and I have always tried to understand why such disparities existed. In my capacity as a student, I always tried to increase my knowledge of the subject by specifically taking courses that focus on Impact Evaluation. I learnt to appreciate the depth of Impact of recent new innovative projects and policies all around the world and the profound implications that its results could have on the economy.

During my time at Vanderbilt I came across the Turner Family Center that focused on one of the most exciting developments in the fight against poverty in the form of a new kind of business called Social Enterprises. TFC immediately caught my attention and I knew I had to be more involved. These enterprises create sustainable social impact by providing the poor with beneficial products and services, while creating improved livelihood opportunities. These innovative models target a wide range of areas, from healthcare to education, sanitation to housing.

I believe that the mission of TFC can make a tremendous contribution to build future leaders and entrepreneurs to find solutions to global challenges all around the world. Whilst academics are integral to understanding essential concepts and core theory, it is experiential learning that enhances a student’s personal development. Fortunately, last year I was able to participate in a number of activities led by the TFC, which enabled me to develop a very holistic outlook. I feel honored to be able to serve on the board this year to help TFC better achieve its goal and give more students the opportunity to start seeing the systemic nature of the challenges that social ventures face and play a stronger role to help them overcome those challenges.


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