Josiah Holland

Current Employer: TiER1 Performance (bCorp consulting firm)

What TFC Programming did you participate in?

Hult Prize Regional Competitor, 2018 Summer Fellowship, Social Enterprise Consulting, Annual Summits, Treks, Net Impact Conference, sitting in the TFC office waiting for Mario to be done with a meeting running 30 minutes late (not sure this was programming, but definitely part of my TFC experience)

Why would you encourage others to get involved with the TFC?

The TFC was hands down the most meaningful, fun, and enriching organization I was involved with as a graduate student. I loved the interdisciplinary aspect that brought together students from across the graduate schools, and I cherished the opportunites TFC made possible. The majority of close friends from graduate school were friends through the TFC. The shared values, opportunities to learn and experiment, and brilliance of the TFC team were unmatched.

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position?

Rather than prepare me for my current position (that’s what class is for), the TFC prepared me for making career decisions. In addition to my full time job as a change management consultant, I’m an entrepreneur leading a company that trains US volunteers for cross-cultural experiences. The TFC helped me get the company off the ground and have the perspective to realize it was worth holding onto upon graduating. In part because of the TFC’s influence, I chose to work at a company where I can grow my skillset, keep a social enterprise as a side-hustle, and maintain a work-life balance that allows for time to engage my local community. I thought I’d go into the nonprofit world, but the TFC helped me recognize the social value creation potential in for-profit organizations and taught me to look for opportunities to impact the world at scale through market systems. I joined for a valuable experience – I didn’t realize I’d also gain a vision for how to live a life of purpose.

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