Katherine Burns

Current Employer and Position:Candena GmbH, Instructional Systems Designer | Quality Assurance Manager 

What TFC Programming did you participate in?: Project Pyramid, Social Enterprise Consulting, TFC Summit, Hult Prize, TFC Partnerships, Career and Education Committee  

Why would you encourage others to get involved with the TFC? TFC offers a truly integrated portfolio of opportunities, where multiple disciplines have to come together and occupy a shared space. Project Pyramid, Social Enterprise Consulting, Hult Prize and more are real tests of how to think innovatively and collaboratively with others for a common purpose. To not take advantage of these consistent and practical applications of one’s academic and work experience would be a mistake for anyone looking to do work with social impact. It’s also a space where you can instantly grow your network and be connected to a range of organizations and businesses. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that these networks are possibly the most valuable resource you can leave a program with. 

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position: On a daily basis, I’m liaising between teams with very different backgrounds and areas of expertise; in a typical meeting, I am speaking with a medical professional, a teacher, a product developer, and an operations manager, all problem-solving in the online medical education space. My experience through TFC prepared me for managing these conversations, learning to listen, and developing and communicating solutions that address the varied needs of our stakeholders.  


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