Lauren Mitchell

I grew up about three hours away in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. For my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate enough to go to my dream school—Vanderbilt University. After I graduated from Vanderbilt with a dual degree in Medicine, Health, and Society and Religious Studies, I worked in a small medical coding audit consulting firm and later at Vanderbilt’s School of Medicine. Currently, I am pursing a Masters of Public Health, where I also serve as my cohort’s class representative.

Why public health? The health of one person affects the health of everyone else. Public health interacts with almost every arena of our lives, from the economy and the environment to business decisions and personal finance. There is no personal health without adequate public health.

Why TFC? Traditionally, most public health efforts have been massive, government-funded initiatives like vaccination drives and (more recently) social distancing. I find myself interested in how the private sector can come up with sustainable, market driven solutions to public health problems that might be difficult to tackle in the traditional ways.

Why Special Projects and Consulting? Public health and consulting have more in common than you may think. Both center around problem solving and innovation, and combining the two can lead to beautiful things.

If you are interested in either Special Projects or Social Enterprise Consulting, I look forward to working with you!



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