Todd Borgen

MBA ’17 | Operations and Strategy

I grew up within an hour of Milwaukee and Madison in Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin. Upon graduation, I implemented supply chain software before moving to a role as a supply chain manager at an eCommerce company. While I enjoyed the work I was doing, I couldn’t see being in that role much longer and came back to get my MBA to further my management skills as well as take a step back to assess exactly where I wanted to go in my career.

As a supply chain manager I was able to see how first-hand how business decisions can create problems in the specific regions they operate in when social impact is not considered. I came to Owen with a focus on sustainability within supply chains and hope to run my business within a short time of graduation. Prior to business school, I assumed that my work in business would be separate than my work trying to do social good. Since coming here, classmates have helped demonstrate that these two worlds do not need to be separate. Upon this realization, I dove head-first into working with the TFC and it has been a great experience.


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