M.Ed. ’17 | International Education Policy and Management 

I am a Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in International Education Policy & Management at the Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University. Before coming to the US, I worked as a Research Officer for Alif Ailaan (Transforming Education in Pakistan), a political advocacy campaign for education and have been highly invested in the bettering delivery mechanism for education in the underprivileged areas of Pakistan. I strongly believe in access to quality education as an instrument for development. I am also a strong advocate for investing in women and their empowerment as an effective solution for bringing prosperity at the household level and ultimately at the community level.

As part of the Project Pyramid 2015-16, I have been one of the four students consulting for Moringa Madres, an initiative helping women in a “hand up rather than a handout” approach based in San Juan Cosala, Mexico. I deeply value the interdisciplinary approach of Project Pyramid to design sustainable solutions for eradicating poverty. My idea of success is enabling the individuals to self-actualize their potential in bringing about this change and I am determined to continue playing my role as a part of this student led initiative. I will serve as the Co-Director of Projects for the year 2016-2017 where I will be leading the identification of potential partners to work with for alleviating poverty.


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