Maria Sheridan

I am fascinated by the power of storytelling. I geek out on any article, photo, interview, book, or Tiktok that can give me an inside look, a secret tid-bit, a peek into a person, place or thing.  As the TFC Brand and Marketing Chair, I hope to increase the center’s exposure through various channels of communications and break down sticky communication silos. My overarching goal is to share the TFC’s story in a new and innovative way that engages students, faculty, and stakeholders alike. I believe that the beauty of the TFC is truly found within its interdisciplinary nature. Sitting at a table (or on a zoom) with countless impatient optimists, across all Vanderbilt graduate programs, makes the TFC a remarkable center.

I am currently MPH candidate within the School of Medicine. My academic interests lie within improving the health and well-being of the global workforce. I’m obsessed with employee benefits and spend way too much time thinking about leave policies. Prior to coming to Vanderbilt, I worked at Wells Fargo on their US and International health and well-being team. I studied Sociology, Global Health and Markets and Management at Duke.

I am an aspiring florist, a podcast fanatic, Cameron Crazie, and prefer water to land. If you resonate with any of this- let’s meet up!


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