Sarah Imran

M.Ed ’17| Community Development and Action

I am a first year graduate student at Peabody College pursuing a degree in Community Development and Action. I majored in Economics during my undergraduate program, while simultaneously interning with various NGOs. I am passionate about women’s rights, international development, and social enterprise and have been actively working in each of these areas since high school. Before coming to Vanderbilt, I served as the Community Development Manager at a social enterprise in Pakistan.

Through my experience as a Community Development Manager at a social enterprise in Pakistan, I witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of the social enterprise model and its ability to be a sustainable and scalable medium of development. Upon coming to Vanderbilt, I wanted to continue to be involved in the social enterprise sphere and became involved with the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures soon after my program started. Since January, I have been doing my practicum with the TFC, working to engage TFC and Project Pyramid alumni, assessing and evaluating the quality of Project Pyramid by examining the perspective and experiences of alumni.


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