Michael Baker

Position: EAB – Strategic Leader

Which TFC programs did you participate in?

Hult Prize, Project Pyramid, SEc

How did theses experiences shape your career path? 

Project Pyramid helped provide me experience working as a consultant with various teams and groups of people outside of my background and area of expertise. Using hypothesis-based thinking, and gaining experience in the for-profit world, were critical from SEc. Also, Hult Prize helped me work on pitching and presenting in front of larger groups of people.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned from the TFC?

The most valuable lesson I learned was realizing that, regardless of your background, and where you exist in the world, you can find ways to contribute, and also that people around the world share more similarities than differences when it comes to community development.

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position? 

I currently work with deans, provosts, and other academic leaders on student success initiatives. Given the level of academic leadership that I engage with on a regular basis, TFC helped me nail down my “elevator pitches”– speak confidently and personally to thought leaders of education, and to always ask questions first before jumping to conclusions.


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