Mike O’Hara

MBA ’19

As an undergraduate, I realized the power of service. I graduated from Boston College with a degree in Neuroscience and Social Justice, and during my time there I learned a great deal about the philosophical and theological roots of the Jesuit service tradition. After college, that passion took me into the classroom; I joined the Teach for America program, through which I trained to be a special education teacher in Philadelphia.

As a teacher, I realized the power of the systems and stakeholders that can influence social change for better or worse. To better understand different aspects of these systems, I sought broader experience in the business world and was drawn to Deloitte Consulting, where I worked as a strategy consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

As a consultant, I realized the power of business and funding models in impacting the world – including the most vulnerable and marginalized among us. I came to Vanderbilt to pursue my MBA in search of a deeper understanding of the academic underpinnings of business strategy and management, and to take advantage of experiences that would challenge me, expose me to diverse and captivating people, and enable me to grow my impact.

As a member of the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures, I’ve been fortunate to learn a great deal about social enterprise. consult with social entrepreneurs seeking to start new ventures, design programming to engage and develop student leaders, and collaborate with a truly remarkable group of people across academic disciplines. As chair, my goal is to continue the great work already accomplished by the TFC while further amplifying our impact on students, partner organizations, and the community.



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