Niccolo Roditti

Niccolo’s approach to any project or job is centered around the notion that mutual care is violence prevention. This stems from early interest in violence free living while studying abroad in Paris and supporting refugee housing and food distribution to their most recent work at a domestic violence/sexual assault organization in Durham, NC as a Rape Prevention Education Coordinator. They believe that any action can have unintended impacts on individuals, communities, and systems. Acknowledging what power dynamics are at play and how does that influence action within any system or organization is critical to sustainable changes and outcomes. Niccolo has worked within various coalitions and non profits tackling issues such as gender variance, systemic racism, homelessness, immigration and liberation education.

Niccolo is an incoming M.Ed. Community Development & Action student, as well as, their first semester serving as a Graduate Associate for the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures – with a focus on the Center’s Social Impact Certificate. Having completed an international social enterprise forum through Stanford, they’re excited to bring an intersectional lens on how businesses are analyzing their impact on communities and how to be apart of inclusive social change. The concept of a social venture and their framework used to invest in people through the alleviation of an obstacle or barrier is groundbreaking.


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