Rabo Garba

I grew up in Nigeria, where reliable energy has remained elusive and negatively impacts productivity. I graduated from Union University with a degree in mechanical engineering and started my career focused on energy efficiency for manufacturing facilities. I eventually took a role as an energy consultant for a large utility because I was interested in improving lives by accelerating access to renewable energy. Over time I realized I would be more effective with a grasp of finance and business models.

The Turner Family Center was my biggest attraction to the MBA program at Vanderbilt University. I believe diverse viewpoints lead to better solutions and I believe market forces inherently create sustainable solutions. I also believe for profit companies have a part to play in solving social issues. Coming into school I hoped the TFC would incorporate impact investing into its offerings. As a student-led organization, the TFC leadership provided the opportunity for me to be part of the first impact investing team to represent Vanderbilt University. As the impact investing chair, I hope to build on this experience and create new experiences for students to affect positive change in Nashville and across the globe.


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