Rachel Kneepkens

Current Employer: Optum

What TFC Programming did you participate in? Project Pyramid, TFC Summit, TFC Partnerships Committee, Social Enterprise Consulting Committee, Hult Prize Case Competition

Why would you encourage others to get involved with the TFC?

The TFC Is a great way to get to know other graduate students across campus, extending your network and working with interdisciplinary teams. The TFC also offers many exciting opportunities to put what you’re learning into the classroom into practice in the “real world” because there are so many hands-on opportunities to get involved within the community. And the best part of it all, is the mission behind the organization and the projects the TFC decides to take on. You can build practical skills, while making a meaningful difference in the local Nashville community and the world.

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position? 

My experiences with the TFC helped to build critical thinking skills and thoughtfully evaluate the impact of the decisions I’m making. There are specific frameworks that were introduced through Project Pyramid and SEC that I am using in my current position at Optum as I evaluate new product development opportunities (the primary one being the Lean Business Model Canvas)! Project Pyramid and Hult also helped me to learn the importance of taking the time to get to know the strengths of everyone within your team and leverage them. I saw first-hand how much more effective we were as a group when we did this well, and that’s something I am definitely carrying forward as I move into leadership roles at Optum. \

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