Radhika Karve

MBA ’19

I am a first year MBA student at Owen Graduate School of Management concentrating in finance & strategy. Prior coming to business school, I was working as a consultant at KPMG in India. I have completed my CPA certification and Bachelor of Business from India.

Turner Family Center for social ventures (TFC) was one of the main reason why I selected Owen for my business education. This social venture has four main pillars- it has student leaders on the programming board from different graduate schools at Vanderbilt, focusses on applying business skills to alleviate poverty. Turner Family Center was a great resource to me during my first year. It gave me a global leadership opportunity early on. I participated in HULT & project pyramid. Through project pyramid we went to Colombia to establish a sustainable business model for the coffee farmers.

From the very beginning, I felt very included with the entire team. People working here do not just believe in the mission but also exhibit the zest to change the world. And though we only can do incremental changes in the projects we work on to alleviate poverty, these experiences at TFC have shaped my perspective of looking at things and in turn made me more receptive to diversity of thought.

Thanks for visiting the site! Feel free to reach out to any programming board member for more information.


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