Stephen Songy

Current Employer: Sagemont Real Estate

What TFC Programming did you participate in?  

Project Pyramid class, Project Pyramid Leadership Board, Cal Turner Fellowship, Bangladesh Spring Break Trip, Guatemala Spring Break Trip

Why would you encourage others to get involved with the TFC?  

As a cross functional organization, it’s a great way to meet others outside your school and area of expertise who can provide a different perspective on social issues. I was able to work with students and faculty of the law school, medical school, divinity school, Peabody, and engineering school on various projects.  I’m also a fan of project-based learning.

How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position

Much of our project work involved leveraging the power of social enterprise to bring about positive changes in communities. To do so, this requires a creative approach to problem solving and a willingness to think on a much broader scale. This experience has emboldened me to think differently in my current position, and to be open to taking on more ambitious projects for the right reasons.

At the same time, TFC taught me humility to recognize that major social issues cannot easily or quickly fixed, and that failure within our projects was OK.  This experience gave me a great level of comfort in pursuing ventures where success is not certain.

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