Suzanne Quon

What TFC Programming did you participate in?

Project Pyramid (as student and staff!) 

 Why would you encourage others to get involved with the TFC?

The TFC is a great resource for networking and learning about opportunities that intersect the fields of for-profit and non-profit work. It’s a wonderful place to take part in educational treks, lectures, and other activities related to social enterprise and entrepreneurship that would be hard to find elsewhere. It’s also just a fantastic place to meet people outside of your discipline at Vandy.  

 How did the TFC help prepare you for your current position?

Through TFC’s Project Pyramid I was able to consult first hand with a non-profit organization in Nicaragua called Thriive. Our project was to help assess the impact of various microlending programs. My current position now consists of project management for surgical societies where I help push projects through for surgeons all across the US. Much of my job now also encompasses evaluation of impact for educational programs. The multidisciplinary environment at the TFC also exposed me to different methods of thinking which certainly applies to working with surgeons who have a vastly different background. 




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