Tim Satterthwaite

Greetings! I hail from the great state of Minnesota where I spent my winters frolicking in the sub-arctic temperatures and my summers pursuing mediocrity in various recreational sports. After high school I studied Civil & Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Armed with my favorite mechanical pencil and trusty sidekick, Franklin (a TI-83 calculator), I emerged on the other side with an appreciation for problem solving and graph paper.

Post graduation, I moved out to San Francisco and worked on the sales team of an energy technology startup. After a year, I transitioned into outdoor and experiential education and spent the better part of four years teaching youth to be less afraid of bees and responsibility. My time spent on wilderness and international expeditions evolved into a deep belief in the power of meaningful experiences to facilitate personal development and collaboration.

I am currently a M.Ed student in the Leadership and Organizational Performance program and the Academics & Experiences Board Chair. When I first arrived at Vanderbilt, I was immediately drawn to the TFC due to its interdisciplinary and student led approach to positive change. As the A&E Board Chair, I will be focusing on building the TFC community, providing opportunities for connection and growth and continuing to build our Social Impact Certificate.

Shoot me an email! Let’s grab a beverage and talk about creating cohesive communities. Or about ants. Or bagels. Anything really. I’m here to connect you to the wonderful people within the TFC family!


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