Tyler Skelton

MBA ’19

I grew up in Oklahoma City and received my undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma, where I concentrated in Accounting and Management.  Prior to Owen, I worked in corporate accounting for a major energy company for seven year, but I always wanted to do something more meaningful through my work.  This initially led me to managing operations for a university endowment before going to business school to help move my career forward.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others but wasn’t sure how I could have the biggest impact, both personally and professionally.  The TFC and the work they do through social enterprise is a big part of what brought me to Owen.  I wanted to learn through experience and the TFC provided me that opportunity.  In my first year I was able to serve on the Summit Committee and consult with an organization in Ethiopia through Project Pyramid.  I’m excited to lead Project Pyramid this year and help make an impact, both for our students and for partner organizations focused on tackling poverty in sustainable, meaningful ways.



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