Zahraa Dagher

My experience showed me the role of entrepreneurship in giving people a voice and a choice in leading their lives. I am driven towards amplifying people’s voice and contributing to their journey of potential fulfillment. Because of that, I aspire to play a part in  growing robust entrepreneurial communities.

I grew up in an economy that pursues a shift from being oil-based to becoming a sustainable, globally competitive one. The country’s vision became one of my own as I actively engaged in avenues supporting the development of young entrepreneurs and leaders. Witnessing the significant impact of entrepreneurship in catalyzing the business environment made me an avid believer of the role of entrepreneurship in economic growth.

Moved by a desire to shape people’s experiences, I have majored in Architecture. My undergraduate degree gave me the tools to become a visual thinker and problem solver who puts people at the heart of the solution and integrates stakeholders in the problem-solving process. Using these frameworks, I have extensively spent the past five years as a consultant for ventures across the US, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

I am pursuing a professional degree at Peabody to be better equipped in navigating ambiguity using evidence-based practices. I have been vastly involved the Turner Family Center, and I am excited to lead its fifth annual summit where leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators convene


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