Resources to Help You Start and Invest in Social Enterprises:

Impact Hub (Start-up) 

Global network of co-working spaces targeting social entrepreneurs. They also provide resident entrepreneurs local opportunities to raise capital, participate in classes and workshops, and mentorship. If you are interested in working in a particular place to start your social enterprise, this is a good place to go.

Social Venture Circle (Investing & Start-Up Network)

SVC connects, empowers, and finances entrepreneurs, investors, capacity-builders, and policy makers in a powerful, diverse, and inclusive network. As a member, you join the SVC in working toward a global economy that is regenerative, just, and prosperous for everyone. Members gain access to a community of values-aligned peers. They offer many programs, events, and peer networking.

Global Good Fund (Social Impact Accelerator) 

The Global Good Fund identifies high-potential leaders and accelerates their success through a year-long, virtual Fellowship focused on leadership development. GGF support global social entrepreneurs with proven methods, such as executive mentorship, leadership coaching, and access to capital, to accelerate their growth and impact.  

Bunker Labs (Start-Up Accelerator) 

Bunker Labs’ mission is to support and convene military-connected entrepreneurs and small business owners. We accomplish this mission by facilitating an action-oriented, member-led network of entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing practical tools and resources, and highlighting inspirational stories that showcase the possibilities and accomplishments of the community.

StartUp (Podcast) 

StartUp is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life. The show has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its launch in 2014. Its first season has been adapted into an ABC sitcom called Alex, Inc. starring Zach Braff. StartUp has won a Gracie Award and the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. 

The Alternative (Investing/Start-Up) by Mauricio L. Miller 

A book that challenges mainstream assumptions about poverty and those who experience it. Miller calls for a strengths-based approach to end poverty, investing directly into those experiencing it (through perhaps impact investing) rather than a deficits-based approach that many nonprofits and social services lean towards. This book is helpful for challenging the collective status quo in relation to poverty and the solutions to end it. 

“Five Best Ideas of the Day” (Start-Up) 

A daily newsletter highlighting five different ideas every day. It’s published by and from the Aspen Institute, an organization that “drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the greatest challenges of our time.” This simple daily email is a great way to gather inspiration from other change makers across the world. 

Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered (Investing/Start-up/Economics) by E.F. Schumacher

A book that analyzes excessive consumption and treating human beings (& the environment) like nonrenewable resources (assets). The book is divided into four parts: “The Modern World”, “Resources”, “The Third World”, and “Organization and Ownership”. Schumacher argues that the modern economy is unsustainable. Natural resources are treated as expendable income, when in fact they should be treated as capital… This book offers an overview for getting into the mindset of social enterprise business investing.

Investing in Impact (Impact Investing) 

A short podcast series produced by The Fletcher Social Investment Group, a student-run organization committed to the study and practice of Impact Investing This group gives students and young entrepreneurs advisory services and information that makes Impact Investing accessible to them. This podcast is an extension of those services that dives deep into the practices of their featured guests, which include investors, organizations, and beneficiaries. Some of these guests include Yigal Kerszenbaum, Senior Program Associate for PRI of The Rockefeller Foundation and  Mitchell Strauss, the Special Advisor for Socially Responsible Investment Finance.

Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast (Start-up) 

Features lectures and talks by leaders in the social change movement. These leaders come from all places and walks of life, but they have one thing in common: they are dedicated to using their businesses and crafts to make a social impact. By telling their own stories, these leaders are able to inspire the listeners to embark on a social impact journey of their own.

The Flip Podcast (Start-up) 

The Flip is an editorial-style podcast exploring contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs and investors changing the status quo in Africa. The name The Flip comes from the opportunity to flip the script – question some of the pervasive narratives on entrepreneurship, challenge the ubiquity of Silicon Valley thought leadership, and champion the entrepreneurs building a future inspired by Africa.