2016 Alumni Snapshots


Matt Inbusch | MBA ’16
Job: Supply Chain Sustainability Project Lead at International Paper
Location: Memphis, TN

How does your current job intersect with social impact? This is my first big leap into driving impact through the lens of a massive, public, profit-maximizing company. Which is exciting because we’re a global firm with 55,000 employees and are the #1 global consumer of wood fiber, so the potential for creating positive change is huge. The other edge of the sword is that change happens slowly, and even less so if there isn’t a clear, quantifiable business case for something. So I’m building relationships within our procurement group, our businesses, and external partners throughout the value chain to figure out where to focus and how to do so. I also have a foot in the more traditional CSR group, so it’s a pretty cool opportunity to be involved in both the strategy and the execution of our global social and environmental mission. Ultimately, our success as a business depends in a big way on responsible environmental and social practices, and it’s a company that really gets that and is investing heavily in those areas in recent years.

What impact does your involvement with the TFC have on shaping your career? More than anything, my time on the TFC Student Programming Board challenged me to consider and understand different perspectives and interests in thinking about problems – and opportunities – in social impact. The interdisciplinary element of TFC is so critical to achieving our mission both for our external beneficiaries and partners, as well as for the professional development of the students we engage. It’s easy at a big institution like VU to get siloed off into our respective fields, but we all know that in real life, changemakers think both deeply and broadly. I see this everyday in my new role, where I’m working to get engineers, suppliers, salespeople, and strategists all pulling in the same direction. The less I assume and the more time I spend asking the right questions, the better – and TFC was a great opportunity to get more comfortable doing that.

Regina Andrade| M.A. ’16 | Economic Development
Job: Project Manager, Health Information Systems, Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Location: Nashville, TN

How does your current job intersect with social impact? My role supports a national initiative, Precision Medicine Initiative, that aims to develop individualized medicine and help healthcare researchers learn how to better prevent and treat illnesses. Its impact could change the way we look at healthcare and contribute to a new era of medicine. It’s very exciting being part of an initiative that aims to put the individual first and outdates the one-size-fits-all approach that’s currently used in medicine.

What impact does your involvement with the TFC have on shaping your career? It shaped my perspective on what social impact means and how it can be adapted to any career. Working with TFC opened new avenues of social enterprises that I would eventually like to work with but it also allowed me to take my passion for creating a social impact into any industry, such as clinical research.


Pete Lavorini | MBA ’16
Job: Summer Product Fellow, Panorama Education
Full-time: Consultant, Bridgespan
Location: Memphis, TN

How does your current job intersect with social impact? Panorama Education is a for-profit ed tech company that is focused on improving outcomes for students. My job this summer is to help Panorama’s product team better understand how district and school staff approach student data and create tools and products that will help educators provide the right interventions to the students that need them.

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations and philanthropists to help scale impact, build leadership, advance effectiveness, and accelerate learning. I will be working with those organizations and foundations to maximize their impact with the communities they serve.

What impact does your involvement with the TFC have on shaping your career? The TFC challenged my understanding of how organizations affect change. Being able to speak to that growth process- how I grew and how my role as a student leader helped the TFC grow as an organization- allowed me to engage the leadership of Panorama and Bridgespan in a unique way. I don’t think either company would be interested in working with me had I not been involved with the TFC.

HD_Turner Center_2
Hattie Duplechain | M.Ed. ’16  | International Education Policy and Management
Job: Knowledge Curator for Ashoka
Location: Arlington, VA

How does your current job intersect with social impact?  At Ashoka U, we work with universities to accelerate the adoption of social innovation as a critical facet of higher education and to support them as they embed social innovation education across their campuses. I lead program development for the Commons, an online learning journey for faculty and staff interested in collaborating across institutions to develop a particular aspect of social innovation education on their campuses. I am also working to develop educational resources and am involved in impact measurement efforts for this eduction. Ultimately, our work aims to ensure that all college graduates are equipped to address social challenges and create positive social impact wherever their careers and their lives lead.

What impact does your involvement with the TFC have on shaping your career? The Turner Family Center provided an opportunity for me to witness what it means to build social innovation education on a university campus. What I learned from my experience with TFC, as the center was established and has grown in the last year, informs my work with institutions on a daily basis!

A29W0524Casey O’Neill | MBA ’16
Job: Commercial Rotation Development Program Associate
Location: San Francisco, CA

How does your current job intersect with social impact? There’s a strong focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship within my team.  We recently implemented a system to track utilization of printed marketing materials so that we can better forecast demand for materials so as not to overprint, thus saving environmental resources as well as money.  Additionally, I am involved in the design of patient assistance programs that provide monetary assistance to patients who need our medicines but can’t afford them due to their health insurance and the resulting high out of pocket costs.

What impact does your involvement with the TFC have on shaping your career? I will always be looking for opportunities to get involved with business opportunities that have an aim beyond just the bottom line.  Beyond that, the TFC allowed me to hone my leadership skills with a talented and dedicated programming board team that brought to light the importance of interdisciplinary thinking in both the academic as well as business settings.

IMG_9790Betsy West | MBA ’16
Job: Business Operations Portfolio Consultant, Mars Chocolate North America (GLDP Rotation)
Location: Hackettstown, New Jersey

How does your current job intersect with social impact? Mars does a lot of great work in social impact and sustainability. As a CPG company, Mars works hard to give back to the communities it touches and to be a responsible corporate global citizen, focusing on issues including human rights, well-being, land and water use, and GHG emissions. I’m hoping to use the GLDP rotational program to work toward a role in corporate social responsibility. During my first rotation on the Business Operations team, I plan to learn everything I can about CSR initiatives at MCNA.

What impact does your involvement with the TFC have on shaping your career? TFC provided me the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about social impact and finding ways to give back through their work. I’m excited to be part of a business, and maybe even to start my own business one day, that embraces the principle of doing well while doing good in the world.