Overview of the TFC Seattle Trek

Mike Woodnorth | TFC Trek Organizer, MBA ’18

The TFC trek to Seattle was designed for student attendees to learn about the world of social impact investing and social enterprise consulting. Since Seattle has a very well-developed social impact ecosystem,  we decided to head west for the learning opportunity! The trek itinerary was put together with the intention of showing students the various professional opportunities in these sectors, providing experience going through real cases and networking with our partner organizations. Meetings were selected based on their appeal to students from the different programs that were in attendance.

We met with for profit and non-profit groups, groups doing work domestically and internationally, and groups serving the entire spectrum of social enterprises. The organizations we met with include Impact Capital, Investorflow, Altruist Partners, Capria, SSG Advisors, FSG Consulting, Global Partnerships, GMMB and Newground Social Investment. Overall, students learned about how this type of work is done, how they can fit into the impact puzzle and how to incorporate impact principles into their professional lives going forward.

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