TFC Seattle Trek – Owen Student Perspective

James Strickland | TFC Trek Attendee, MBA ’19

Being relatively new to the world of Social Enterprise, the trek was a really great experience.  I had initially expected to come away with a clear definition of “impact investing”, but learned through the course of the trek that there are many ways to have a positive impact through investment.  Rather than have a narrowed focus, I was exposed to a wide variety of opportunities within the financial world to create positive change.

I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to engage with students from other programs, as everyone’s unique perspectives fueled the conversations.  The multi-disciplinary approach was even applauded by Donald Summers of Altruist Partners, as he is an advocate for a more holistic approach to social ventures.

Overall, the trek was a fantastic opportunity to meet people who are doing incredible work and to learn about the current efforts in impact investing.  I learned a great deal from the different firms we visited as well as from the students in other programs.  I highly recommend participating in the trek to anyone interested or curious about social enterprise.