The Mariposa Foundation is working to end generational poverty through the education and empowerment of girls. Our team has been tasked with developing a scalable business plan for one of their internal projects and potential revenue streams, Upcycled. During our trip to the Dominican Republic we met with the executive director and key employees at Mariposa whom provided invaluable insights into the mission and goals of the organization with has helped direct the deliverable we are working to create. Also, we observed the day to day process of creating the Upcycled bags, which has informed the development of the business plan we are creating for Mariposa.

Some key learnings that we took away from this trip and class are that having a vision is key to creating positive change in the world, but the way in which this vision is executed is essential to the long-term success of any organization and its ability to make a lasting difference. Something our team has continued to work on is maintaining the scope of our project and ensuring that it is achievable.  Our advice to those interested in entering the field of social entrepreneurship on an international level is to hone your listening skills, be an active observer and never stop asking questions.