Rebels with a Cause: 2021 Board Retreat

Maria Sheridan (MPH 2022), Brand & Marketing Board Chair

September 2021

After a summer filled with internships, travel, and TFC planning, the board set off for Smithville, TN for our 2021-2022 Board retreat. Board Chair, Ariane Willson came into the weekend with “[the] intention to create shared memories and foster organic connections between the team.” We accomplished that and more.

The weekend was filled with programming, board games, and conversations centered on the year ahead. We made meals together and developed the 2021-2022 TFC committees. Along the lines of her vision, Ariane stated that “our time together allowed the board the opportunity for a glorious return to community and friendships that are rooted in mirrored respect, our unique perspectives, and laughter.” Our current board is filled with eight members ranging from five programs (MBA, MPH, M.Ed, MTS, MSN.) Through our conversations, we learned how to leverage one another’s skills, interests, and experiences to further each TFC for 2021-2022.

While in Smithville, we spent time analyzing our Hogan assessments. The Hogan assessment is a series of science-based aptitude tests to gain accuracy and prospective to the team’s overall personality; fun fact: 2021-2022 board shared a high level of hedonism and mischievousness, hence our internal branding: Rebels with a cause. The Hogan assessment allowed our board to take a step back and learn how we can help one another.

After the weekend, our board was able to step away as a united force ready to lead the Center. As Ariane said, “our board has a collective fire to rebel against systems that aren’t working- it makes our board camaraderie an absolute riot.” I couldn’t agree more.