Social Impact Certificate Kick-Off!

Niccolo Roditti (M.Ed. Community Development & Action ’22), TFC Graduate Associate

October 2021

Learning to ask questions and listen makes an impact. I saw this throughout the Social Impact Certificate Orientation this past Friday, whether it was discussing the latest Netflix binge-worthy show or what motivates your desire to reflect on your contributions to societal impact. I left that day feeling a strong sense of what people are showing up for and the passion to understand various sectors and ways to leverage factors and structures to facilitate change.

Amongst the students, there was diversity in academic discipline and a want for a space that creates learning through experience, the individual, and action. Questions throughout the presentation provided a great start to introducing meetings as a space for active listening, effective communication, and an attempt to learn new skills and knowledge that can create larger avenues of opportunities for impact. Already, we have students scheduling their initial meetings with me, the Graduate Associate serving as a guide through the Social Impact Certificate process. The momentum following Orientation was energizing, and I’m looking forward to continuing to meet with all of the graduate students who signed up to complete their Social Impact Certificate while studying to earn their graduate degrees.

For those who are curious about what the Social Impact Certificate entails, you can learn more here. For students who submitted an intent to enroll form but were not able to attend the Orientation, please feel free to contact me via email at with any questions.