TFC Board Chair: Leading expectations and Challenges

Trey Suddeth, MBA ’23

TFC Board Chair 2022 – 2023

That’s a wrap!

I can confidently say we found people better than us across all the Board positions in accordance with the Bezos assessment method.

  • Do I admire this person?
  • Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group they’re entering?
  • Can they be a superstar?

All, a resounding yes as we came to a consensus on the board appointments in March.

As is the case every year, the challenge will be bringing them all together in a productive manner and coordinating ten graduate students with distinctly different full schedules. I know they’re ready and will learn so much along the way.

How has the TFC changed my trajectory for my career and worldview?

    • First, it challenged my initial skepticism. It affirmed my now belief that community development is not just important, but a requirement to garner momentum and achieve sustainable scale, which will be topical for my burgeoning consulting career.
    • I have strong aspirations to achieve financial independence at an early age. Learning about the world of social entrepreneurship has shown me a window into endless possibilities and given me a rapacious appetite for problem-solving. I look forward to continuing my advancement in the space.
    • One of the many aspects that initially drew me to the TFC was the promise of exposure to new thoughts and a more global-minded community, which held true in spades. I love how I am more aware of the wide approaches to existing in this universe.
    • On top of that, working with so many talented individuals made the Board Chair position easy. Well, it became easy once I recognized that my leading expectations carried from Undergraduate University were not applicable this time around. My role was no longer task managing and assigning work, rather, it was how I can remove roadblocks 5 or 6 steps ahead and allow the motivated members of the board to shine more independently.

I will forever treasure the opportunity to be around such an eclectic crew and will always be looking to emulate this experience in future organizations. Thank you directly to the prior cohorts for Keeping the flame alive and allowing me to stand on the shoulders of you GIANTS and the chance to pass it along to future TFC generations.