TFC Lounge Spring 2020 – Chats & Reflections

This semester brought about many challenges – including missing the opportunity to engage in the ways that we normally might. In light of this, the TFC community wanted to offer a few ways in which students, the Vanderbilt community, and our greater Nashville community. Each week, all members of our community had the chance to join us in a virtual lounge to chat more about current issues of the day, and the way they impact our lives. Check out the recordings from our TFC Lounge in the month of April below, featuring some our very own Vanderbilt professors speaking on issues related to our community and the COVID-19 phenomenon.

TFC Lounge with Bart Victor (April 8) 

During this first week of , Bart Victor, Cal Turner Professor of Moral Leadership & Faculty Advisor to the Turner Family Center, joined us for a conversation about moral leadership in uncertain times. Check out Bart’s conversation with students and community above. Professor Victor’s research focuses on the practical and moral dimensions of enterprise approaches to the alleviation of poverty, and the ethical foundations of business, as well as the social and moral consequences of new organizational forms and the process of strategy making.

TFC Lounge with Professor Mumin Kurtulus (April 22) 

Listen in on our discussion with Owen Professor Mumin Kurtulus around supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 and stockouts of PPE and ventilators during this worldwide pandemic. Professor Kurtulus currently teaches operations management classes in the MBA and Executive MBA programs at Owen.  His operations management courses focus on questions related to design, management, and execution of processes in service and manufacturing organizations.

TFC Lounge with Professor Ranga Ramanujam (April 30) 

Professor Ranga Ramanujam joined us in discussing leaders’ responses to COVID-19 and provided insights on how to make sense of their decisions. Ranga is a professor of management and health policy at Owen Graduate School of Management, and focuses his research on organizational errors, reliability, and operational failures, as well as healthcare delivery organization.