Welcoming our 2019-2020 Committee Members

This month, we welcomed 32 new committee members and 3 new 1st-year board members to the TFC team, and student have already hit the ground running! From coordinating events, innovating and managing programming, and collaborating with partners, our student leaders are well on their way to making the most of this virtual year. Students are bringing skills and experiences from all corners of campus. We welcomed students from Peabody, the Graduate School, the Medical School, and Owen. See below for those who will be working with us this year. 

First Year Board Members:

Brittnie Cannon, Alumni Engagement Chair

Caitlin Chin, Community Engagement Co-Chair

Caroline Erickson, Community Engagement C0-Chair

Academics & Experience:

Alekhya Maddila

Sakinatou Djantchiemo

Samantha Sanders

Rachel Johnson

Sam Steele

Tim Satterthwaite


Branding & Marketing: 

Emily Brennan

Franklin Popek

Maria Sheridan

Ross Klepetko


Impact Investing:

Hunter Bingham

Natalie DuBloise

Corinne Cordell

Ford Duncan


Special Projects and Consulting:

Hijab Tahir

Marleny De León

Alexander Brewer


Social Startup: 

Ariane Wilson

Lathram Berry

Nimi Ajayi

Read Ezell


Project Pyramid: 

Jeff Pritchett

Katherine Gaede

Kelly Kim

Ania Sanchez

Marcelo Galeano

Raphael Abayateye



Jamie  Wittman

Layne Karhoff

Maggie Colburn

Neal  Bray

Olivia Cochran