7th Annual TFC Social Ventures Summit

FEBRUARY 18, 2023


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The theme¬†Innovation for Good¬†is dedicated to those who dare and who seek to be inspired. In partnership with the Wond’ry, we invite you to join us in our mission of strengthening our wider community and finding market-driven solutions to alleviation poverty through innovation, passion, curiosity, and relationship-building.

Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world saw a dire need for innovative ideas and solutions. At the TFC, we are drawn to business ventures which provide unmet social and environmental needs through new and improved practices. For our 7th Annual TFC Social Ventures Summit, we will provide a platform for these innovators and change makers to showcase and discuss their ideas with the Vanderbilt community. The two-day event will feature panel discussions and immersive experiences, providing space for students and social entrepreneurs to meet and learn from one another.

Topics covered during the 2023 Summit will include:

  • Innovative Education
  • Local Social Ventures
  • After-Pandemic Health Technologies and Smart Solutions
  • Education for Girls
  • Innovation as the bridge that connects people
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Ventures as an innovative relief tool
  • Innovation that forges Safer Campuses

We so look forward to sharing more with you as we get closer to this year’s Summit! In the meantime, check out our previous TFC Social Ventures Summit highlights and recaps below.

Presented in partnership with Vanderbilt’s Wond’ry

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